Oh what a friend we have!

I have been so busy keeping up with everyday life. I have been under constant fire since I began praying more intensely and reading more scripture. The blessings from this are more abundant than I ever imagined.
I am posting specifically to share a blessing with you of friendship. I have a friend that I met 11 years ago. She was curious as to why my child was on a leash (harness). She had no idea of his special needs and wanted to know more out of concern. We had lunch at her place and we became instant friends. Now so many years later we only see each other on occasion but the love for one another is quite deep.
I have begun to limit my trips to town and to try to do the shopping after church. With school being hectic and the housing project going slowly and so much other stuff to do, I have not been mentally on cue. I had been shopping in Wal-Mart with my two boys and saw my friend and her 16 year old daughter. We talked for about 20 minutes and went on about our shopping. At the checkout I am busy trying to corral my two kids (it is late and they are testing me) only to realize I left my checkbook with my debit card at home on the desk when I wrote a check to pay the guys for their work. I had NO way to pay for my stuff and my kids are driving me nuts and there are lots of people behind me because there are only two cashiers that late at night. So my friend happened to be in the next lane over checking out also. She hands me her debit card and says "Here". I was already on the phone trying to get a credit card number from my husband to try to run with the cashier typing it in. I accepted her offer and of course was and am so grateful for her friendship. Two weeks later I see her again and ask her if she will take a check. She almost asks me what for. Then she wanted to argue that I wrote it out for an even $100 instead of the actual $97 saying that I had always done so much for her and her family. I don't know what she is talking about.
She even cried when I told her what a hard time I have had with the progress on our house since my mother's passing. It has been difficult seeing new things happen and not having my momma to tell and knowing that she won't be here to tell me how to decorate. I am just going to have to talk to God a lot more! I am sure he will enjoy helping me and my girlfriend decorate too. Sometimes our lives change in unexpected ways that cause us to lean more heavily on God. My mother's passing wasn't His doing but I know that the good coming from it will be a deeper relationship with my Saviour, Jesus. I know that those around me can only be blessed by seeing more of HIM and less of me!
Have a blessed day and be "Jesus" to somebody today.


abeadlady said…
Isn't it wonderful to have friends like that? I had several who helped me out before I got all my retirement stuff straightened out. First thing I did was repay them. Friends are true blessings.

sammy said…
awesome and very emotional for me... I have to stand up and yell how Jesus brings people into our lives when we are in need... at the time neither of us know why we are here or how Jesus is leading us and when we realize what He has done, we are blessed again even more... I don't know what I would do without Jesus in my life giving me strength, love, support and mostly his grace..
Thank you for sharing this blessing...
RedChili said…
Ralonda -- thanks for sharing this story. Isn't is amazing how simple little kindnesses can affet a person! Gale

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