My Mom

I have taken a trip to Mississippi to see my Mom. I was told before I left that she will be released from the hospital into hospice care. The day we arrived she was alert and took her meds orally, she hasn't been awake since. We arrived after she has fallen asleep, so we haven't gotten to really talk with her only at her.The Doc says she may not wake up. I found a scripture that says- Wake up sleeping one, arise from the dead and the light of Jesus Christ will shine on you. Please pray this for my Momma. She is asleep and she knows that I am there. When I read the bible to her she was quiet but after I have read a little she starts snoring. She turns her head a little and raises her arms a little but nothing coherent.
My husband and I have agreed that I will come home and take care of some things and then go back to take care of my Mom. He will be keeping he kids so-- please pray for him everyday that all will be well with them and that God's peace will be over them.
I am blessed with such a wonderful family and a life that allows me to do His work to take care of the broken. I AM believing that she will "Live and not Die" and that the LORD has plans to Prosper her. My niece will be home today to receive this news for the first time. She has lost her mother, another mother(one that took care of her when my sister didn't) and her father in 11 months. This will not be a third loss for her- NOT YET!
God Bless you and I know you will be keeping my family in your prayers because you are such wonderful and encouraging folks. Thank you very much.


abeadlady said…
So sorry to hear of your mother's illness. Of course, she will be in my prayers, as will you and your family.
Know that you have many friends who care for you and yours. We are here when you need us.
Blessings to all,
JJ Creations said…
My promise to you that I will pray each day for you, your family, your mother, and niece the daily prayer for all. It is good the lord has given you the path to care for your mother and may you have some peace in your life soon. Hugs and love, JJ

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