You have been tagged

Having been tagged means I must tag 7 others who will in turn tell 7 little know facts about themselves and then tag 7 others.
We have a new member over in BAD and her name is Pam-- true to our fun nature over there I will tag her- Pam, you have been tagged! Hmm that one was easy who else needs to be tagged????
JJ- ,Rosalie- Oh I know Pat Winter and naow I have to tag three more. This is much harder than it looks! I hope my tagged folks are going to have an easier time with this. I did go and see Gretchen's blog and thought I would tag her while I was there.
I guess I am only gonna get to tag 5, the others I had in mind have already been tagged.

Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy looking at my altered cd and a collar I am working on. The collar was inspired by and will include a cross that was gifted to me by Barbara Judy. Thanks Barbara, I told you I was going to have to do something special with it! I think this definately qualifies!
Have a blessed day!


Ralonda, Barbara Judy is very lucky to get such a beautiful gift!
All beautiful, Ralonda.
Barbara said…
Wow Ralonda. Your collar is gorgeous and that cross will look fabulous on it. I just knew you were the right person to gift that cross to. Please post pictures of it when you're finished. I'd love to see!

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