Tag I'm it!

I have just been tagged by a dear friend, Aryd'ell, you can see her blog here: http://http//gypsysramblings.blogspot.com/ According to the rules I must tell seven little known things about myself.
1) I was diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy and was treated for foot deformations until I was eight years old. I am going strong and walking more than you think by the Grace of God.
2) I attribute all my artistic talent to the calling God has on my life, to share His love and creative nature with others.
3) I clean when I get mad- and when I am on the phone. I also watch TV when I fold laundry otherwise I don't watch it at all. My house is usually in a state of mild disarray unless I have been upset and need to blow off steam or have been chatting on the phone way too long!
4) I am still able to put my feet behind my head- I have no idea why that would be fun to do anymore though.
5) I am very particular about my art work to the point of wearing myself out over it-but I find it is all worth it when it is all done. To really put yourself into a peice will shine when others view or even receive it as a gift.
6) I only started beading because I needed a hobby that would take longer to finish projects once I started them. I became too fast to sew up a bunch of stuff and became really bored. I could make a doll and her clothes in just two days. At that rate there were to many dollies and not enough little girl. Then I saw Sherry Serafini's work on the front of a Bead and Button Magazine (Dec 03) and I was convinced that beadwork could be more than the geometric Native American beadwork that most people think of when you bring it up. I have been teaching myself how to use beads to create art that depicts the Love of God in so many ways. Whether it is a doll depicting scripture or a handmade gift given to someone who needs encouraging, or to be blessed by His riches, I have been blessed to be an" instrument of His Peace".
7) I want to have a goat again to milk-- I miss my milkers- they are so sweet and a much better pet than a dog! They actually give back to the family.
I will go and "tag me some people" when I am done with dinner and the other chores. I also have to some pictures to load and post -- if my connection will let me this time. I sure would like to get around to posting more often!
I am so blessed to have so many people encouraging me each day-- Have a blessed day!


Gypsy said…
See, that wasn't so bad- I agree about the cleaning, I do a much better and more thorough job when mad! It is about the only thing that doesn't get ruined by the 'mad' energy. As my house is what I term 'comfortable'( you can't eat off the floors, but it is clean enough that you won't catch anything from it! LOL), you can guess I don't get mad often. Thanks for playing along, Ralonda!

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