Pink Ribbon Turtle tickets are on sale now!

The “Pink Ribbon Turtles” Drawing is in its fourth year. The drawing was begun in 2005 in memory of my mother, Nina Isabelle Etheredge Fritz, and in honor and memory of all of those who have been affected by Breast Cancer.
I’m proud to announce that this year there are three “Pink Ribbon Turtles”. One of the turtles has been designed and created by artist Jena M Tuntas.

The other two turtles are a collective effort of 8 different extremely talented beadwork artists. The sale of tickets will begin on October 1st and continue until the drawing dates. The drawing for “Jewels of the Sea” by artist Jena M Tuntas will be held on Sunday, November 30, 2008 at bead store “All Strung Out” in Cocoa Beach, Florida.
The drawing for the other two turtles “Ling” and “Kameko” will be held on Friday, December 12, 2008. For those who read Beadwork Magazine, this is a change of the date stated in the October/November 2008 Issue of Beadwork Magazine.
For more information about making donations, obtaining tickets for the
drawings, and where to see these beautiful works of art in person, please click “Pink Ribbon Turtles”.
Thank you for your donations.

I have added photos of these beautiful peices in the order that they were mentioned. I had a lot of fun and was richly inspired by the hearts and craftsmanship of these wonderful turtle's artists. I have been blessed by this project and I know others will be blessed by your participation in the raffle, donations and even your prayers. Thank you!


abeadlady said…
Can't wait for the drawings! Bought multiple tickets so I would have a chance to win. Can't think of a better cause to contribute to.
Gypsy said…
Uh-huh, and you haven't been bloggin enough, so I will tag you for a Meme!!! See my blog for details...enquiring minds want to know!
Pat Winter said…
Thanks for letting us know, I just bought my tickets. Fingers crossed!

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