Turtles of Hope

Here is a photo of a turtle that several beaders have contributed to creating. We have decided to call him Crush. He is part of a project headed by Jena Tuntas ( http://www.atawhisper.com/) called the Turtles Of Hope. They are created to raffle off to benefit the American Cancer Society. I will post more information on how you can get tickets and the specifics about the project later (before tickets go on sale).

The head of this turtle was beaded by Aryd'ell in NC (you can find a link to her blog on the left), the lower left was beaded by Gale in NM, and we even had a beader from Portugal participate, Maria Teresa ( I will have to add her website to my list of links) And I beaded the tail end.

He is not completed yet, but I just had to share the progress as we are so close to completion. Without further ado- I present to you -- CRUSHHere is the the frame we will use.

I am so blessed by the hard work and diligence of the other beaders. They worked so hard on their quarters even when life was throwing them curve balls. Thanks to you all who made this beautiful piece of beadwork possible.


ArtNtheheart said…
Hi Ralonda
Thanks for checking out my blog. Yours is equally as impressive. I love turtles and the beaded version is a hit in my book. Let's conspire together and get in big beady trouble! :P

On a belated note, I am so sorry to read about the passing of your mom. She will always remain in your heart and thoughts. Big hugs your way.

Looks beautiful. I'll have the other one finished very soon!
freebird said…
Your turtle collaboration is wonderful. I was going to use this style of beading for my BJP pages but was aftraid they wouldn't fit together at the end. Maybe it just doesn't really matter. I take it you agreed on pink for the body but then everyone got to do what they wanted on the limbs?
* freebird,
The pink back was really about the only "MUST" on the turtles...each group has done theirs a little differently...you can find out more at www.atawhisper.com/PRT4Q.htm .
Maybe you'd like to join us in whatever Pink Ribbon Turtle design we have next year!

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