Turtle Project

After looking at the turtle for sometime now I couldn't help thinking that something was out of place. Then I had to decide if I was just being too particular or if it was laziness to not fix it. Well, I decided to fix it because I have never wanted to be accused of being lazy, even though I think sometimes I am being lazy. Here are the new photos of the Turtle. We still have to come up with a suitable name for it- there are three of them and they need to be identified as individuals so you can purchase your raffle tickets for the one you want without being confused. Tickets will go on sale October 1st and I will add a link of some sort here to take you to the website.I am so blessed to get to be apart of such a wonderful project and to personally handle the beadwork of talented national and international beaders. these ladies have been so generous in their time and abilities. Thank you again ladies.
Our turtle is at the local framers receiving a mat and backing then it will go to the photographer straight from there. When Glen (a very talented photographer and musician) is finished, I will take it back to the framers for her to set into the frame permanently.
Having worked on this project, I have figured out what I want to do with my Beaded Journal pages for this year's project. It involves taking smaller beaded parts to make a larger picture. In the fashion of a bead quilt but a little different.
Have a blessed day and know that you are not alone. God is with you and ready for you to tell Him ALL your tales.


Googz said…
Thank you for visiting my blog! Although I have no talent in the art world myself, I have enjoyed looking at your creations. My husband is more into art and I will share your blog with him. Keep using what the Lord gave you for His glory!
Rosalie said…
The turtle turned out fantastic, but she had some great beaders working on her.
Gypsy said…
It really did make a difference to remove the extra blue beads, Ralonda!
Thanks for all you do!

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