Getting back to life.

I have been steadily trying to get things back in order. I have even started in with the new school year with my boys. I have ordered their curriculum and it should be here Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, we are reviewing our workbooks and getting accustomed to reading again. Where did the summer go? Most local schools don't start for 2 1/2 weeks but we wanted to start early so we can take a little time off when it cools off outside.

We usually beat the heat by going swimming, but there has been a virus going around in the metroplex that was contracted at Burger's lake that can kill you. Not something we want to take our chances since folks around here do frequent the metroplex.

I have been working on creative endeavors. Here is a portrait of the round robin doll that I had the privilege of naming. Her name is "Rosa Pearl Merlady".
She also has a new friend that rides on her tail fin. She is supposed to be a springtime mermaid. She came to me with a pearly white face and I just had to make it more flowery. I did do more bead work on her but I figured two photos of her was enough..I have also been working on more altered arts- for the altered art swap on the ATC Connection Group. I will have to photograph the dominoes that I have made and post them later. I also made some ATCs for a swap that has altered puzzle pieces on them. If you look closely you can see the faces stamped on the puzzle pieces.I am so blessed, so many of you have emailed me with your condolences and prayers. Thank you for your love and your prayers- Now to get back to living and inspiring people to trust God, for He is Good.


abeadlady said…
Very glad to see you back posting, Ralonda. I've missed you. Looks like you have your muse working for you already.
Are the kids looking forward to the new school year? It's nice that you can set your own schedule.
Gypsy said…
Oh, that Merlady is precious, and the pink face is much more to her beingness than the white! Glad to have you back, Ralonda.
Rosalie said…
Hello darlin', no this ain't Conway, just little ol' me Rosalie.
I've been hiding in my shell most of the time. But decided to come look around a bit, glad I did.
Love your puzzle pieces.
I finally put up my birthday prezzies on my blog.
Love ya'

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