Exciting update...

I have so many other things this week (and last week) that I have neglected my blog. Seeing how I have plenty to share I had better not let it pile up or I could get really long winded.
I hosted a choir of angels before I taught the Dallas Bead Society how to start on all those forms. A big thank you for your financial support (LOL- I still have more dolls to make). I am going to find it interesting to see what kind of craze this has begun as many of them already have more than one doll they are planning.

This lady has already found her new home and I am in the process of sewing two more. They should be mailed (hopefully) tomorrow.

Here I am takin' a silly picture of myself to post on the Threadbanger's forum thread "What are you wearing today?" I have been stalking their forums and have been so inspired and encouraged so I thought it only fair that they "see" me. I am thinking this would be a great profile pic. And I am not even wearing make-up, not even lipstick (which I almost always wear). I need a few more of those hats in different colors so I can have more bad hair days LOL.

This is the last week to vote on Willow. The winners will be announced  after the poll closes (Jan 15th). Maybe not the same day but very soon.


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