That silly story...

I have these cats that just keep me hopping- they can really be a challenge but I dooo love them so. I considered myself a good mommy and bought them a great little stocking with toys in it. I saw a little mouse in there and had to have it for myself- is that still being a good mommy?? Oh well, who cares, I had to  have it LOL. There were two of them- one suitable for beadingand one not-- you know which one I have.
When I swiped this mouse I was working on my challenge entry for the Dallas Bead Society's Winter Challenge. It was a little snow puppy that I saved from the dump- my son begged for him last year everytime we went to Starbuck's. I caved and he got the snow man and his snow "buddy", as my son called him. Somehow he made it into the trash bag (I always sift through them to make sure nothing valuable goes missing- my boys will throw anything away to keep from cleaning it again.)

I named him Pearl because of the M.O.P cabs I started out with. He was sitting on my desk as I began working on the mouse. My little kitties never grab my dolls so I didn't think anything about it once I had begun the mouse. I did have him hidden from them before I began adding beads to him. Well after a few beads and gears my husband decided he was super-cool and claimed him as his own. There are four things my husband has claimed in over 15 years. So this was super-- and such a compliment to me. I wanted my hubby to name him but.... he wasn't thinking clearly enough to name the critter. He was busy making wise cracks with his buddies. ( A good thing for him to be doing- he is so serious all the time.) We decided to call it a night at 1:00 am. It was great to spend extra time with him without the kids. Without thinking- I left the little mouse on my sewing table. When I woke up- He was no where to be found. I turned my house upside down looking for it. I forgot it was in a package with catnip! I kept looking- post poned the start of school-- and my hubby kept coming in from other rooms or outside and grinned and would ask if I was still looking for it. Of Course I WAS! He even asked why the kids hadn't started school! As If He didn't KNOW! I kept asking myself- if I were a little mouse tortured by 3 cats where would I be? Where did I finally find him?

Under the stove! Do you know what is really under your stove? I had noticed that I hadn't found the little mouse toy that I did let them have. Well I found it along with the beaded one and another little toy they enjoy batting around. I really need to clean out from under my stove--what a mess. It is not like the stove isn't 30 years old too.... Why couln't they just keep catching the real ones that keep trying to come in from the cold?
 I was so excited- it was undamaged and it was found! If my hubby had named it, it probably wouldn't have run off in the first place or so I tell myself. He is almost done---

This is the first time I have made anything that would be classified as steampunk and I think he is "the cat's meow". I have named him "SteamSqueek".

I can't believe hubby swiped him.... I am going to have to make another one for myself without the catnip smell on it!
Any how my entry will be SteamSqueek and Pearl.
My kids did enjoy the 2 hour delay but it took alot of energy out of me!


Robbie said…
These are so cute!!!! I love your work!!! And of course the story to go with the pics was great!!
Lidia said…
Great story and wonderful work. I can't believe that you've inspired me to raid my cats' toys for things to bead! ;) Lidia
Ralonda said…
Another one corrupted Hahahah, I have done my good deed for the day LOL!!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh they are both so cool! I love pearl. Beautiful work.

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