I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS! to Dot Lewallen. A sweet lady I have come to know through a yahoo group (which has closed) and extended a warm welcome to me for a new  yahoo group "A Bead Story". She was  the runner-up in the Land of Odds Beaded Art Doll Competition this year. Here is a picture of her entry. (I stole it from the website but I am sure she won't mind and neither will they. I have asked for their permission before.)
My own submission ranked fourth, and while it was a tad dissappointing, I am still profoundly moved by her grace and beauty. I am still trying to come to terms with how my hands were used to create her and what she means to me. I am so very proud of her and I have heard from many people that they adore her. It is difficult for an artist to not like a piece of their work that has hit on so many personal notes as Willow has. The only thing that would have made her better where if my Mom were here to see her. For me, she is as good as it gets. It will be hard to ever make another doll that compares, but there will be other dolls.
I have some kids that need to be doing schoolwork now.


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