Not beads?!

I have been busy doing other things that do NOT require beads. I am taking a break. There has been a bit of cleaning going on and a whole lot of sewing and knitting.
I made a hat last year that was a ski cap with earflaps and sent it to my Father in Law and it was confiscated by my nephew with the promise of making another to replace it. I just finshed the replacement... I figure it is just in time for the cold weather too.
I took a gamble and glanced through a  knitting magazine and found the cutest squirrel and hedgehog pattern that I fell in love with. I decided I better try my hand as something easier to get a feel for making a plushy before I tried one that turned inside out to be another critter. In this same issue there was a pattern for a little owl.  Being fond of the gray variegated yarn I used for the ski hat I thought -- why not?
He is sittting on a quilt I am re-tying and is very patiently waiting for his other foot. He has been waiting all day... maybe he will get it before Monday, definately Tuesday! What do you think we should call him- all I came up with was "Hootie"- kinda lame....?


what a cute little owl! love him! and, when i read your name suggestion, hootie, it made me grin. i don't think it's lame at all!
Ralonda said…
Thanks Lisa! When I think "Hootie"
I think of Hooty and the Blowfish. That is why I thought it might be lame. (NOT that their music is in any way lame)
Gypsy said…
HE is adorable, Ralonda! And Hooty is a fine name for an owl!

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