I finished it!!!

Okay, I saw a post on Running with Scissors about her makeover. If of course she could wear anything she wanted to and get away with it. In her post was a photo from a UK website of this sweet jacket. I had to  have it, only one problem... 72.99 (sterling pounds) translated into over $100 US dollars. Sorry no can do at least not when I am an imaginative sewer. I found a pattern that mimicked the lines on the front and back and began to recreate this look on my own.
In progress with creative bustling happening.
I used Simplicity pattern # 2581 cropped just below the waist and added corseting  loops in the back and  then made up my own bustle pattern. I had to get really creative with the bustling because the fabric I used was purchased at a garage sale for $3.00 many years ago. There was not enough to do this the way one should be doing it. I made up for some of the missing fabric by using a contrasting solid black for the lining of the collar and center front panels. I think I will do this on future jackets as well.
Here is the finished front on the dress form.
Here is the back on me, my boys helped me with this one.
I have a few things I would change given a chance to recreate this one. First, I would have more fabric to make the bustle properly; second, I wouldn't make the loops go so far up to the shoulders as they are here; third I would pull in the shoulder seams  and sleeve puffs a little to make the top a little less warrior like. All in all, I love this top and will be making more for sure. After I get my corset made.... and some more spats... and I think I need more time LOL!
Tell me what you think of this first attempt at a total fashion DIY.


Lidia said…
It's wonderful! I love the contrast of the solid black collar against the stripes. You're going to look fabulous wearing this. Lidia

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