Too revealing? Naahh

I took this picture to show the chain detailing that I missed on the previous post, then I realized that it has more of my suprise beaded peice than I was ready to share. Oh well,I am almost done with it so you can see a little more. After all, you have to know that I am actually working on something right? Wouldn't be very fair to show you a project and not share the finished project or worse leave it in the UFO bin.
I am so eager to finish so that I can show you the whole picture- with it ON.

Here is the front pocket with the beautiful montees I purchased on ebay. You gotta be careful when you sew them on- they will cut your thread and be very naughty!

This is the back and it also had those pretty montees. There are 51 of them so far. I am not sure if I will use more of them or not. I still have some naked places to work on but I have finally found the inspiration I was waiting for to complete it. You just can't have all that detailing and not continue it throughout the peice.

Here is the section in question. This is the direction I have finally settled on. It mimicks the curves on the top of the peice but still is able to stand alone. There is more to it this is just all I have accomplished.
I think- should there be more ruffles? more rivolis? more montees? What am I missing to complete this?
Oh I also have larger montees that are the same color as the lightest rivoli on the front.
So what do you think? Tell me quick it is supposed to be for Christmas!
 Leave a comment and I will randomly pick one of you to receive a care package before Christmas.
God Bless you --


flyingbeader said…
Well, I DO have a fondness for sequins, so that would be my choice, OR how about some buttons?

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