Great turnips from Grandma's garden- what a blessing. This is a great display of color too. I just love it!

What kinda kid puts ice cubes in his warm chicken noodle soup? Apparently mine does!

One of my favorite things about my house has now been covered with siding! I took this picture to remind me that His blessing in on this house! I took pictures of this cross when I first found it (after they poured the concrete in the walls) and it is still there. I almost missed it before it was completely covered up.

I have more pictures to share but I have to wait until the items are delivered to their owners. I am also working on a new altered project that takes me to a place of great peace and joy every time I work on it. More to come on that project too.

Have a blessed day and remember it is God's plan for you to be in health and to prosper.


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