After giving in to the desire to just work in my journal instead of all the other "crafts"  that I love,  I began to question the purpose of it all. Why am I spending so much time on this when it isn't going to be something I can give or sell or even market in any way? What am I doing this for? What is it's purpose? It all boils down the the latter question. What IS its purpose, what function does it serve? You can't wear it, you can't hang it- all you can do is look at it (when you are done). Then I came upon something profound- a revelation. I have to "re purpose" my thoughts and feelings towards this endeavor, this visual journal. I have to admit I don't really know what purpose it serves but it must be a good one or I would not gravitate so heavily to it.  I have to rest in the fact that I may not know! In fact, I don't! I may not have all the details but it will make a difference somehow. It has already started a reflective process in me. It is essential that I continue to create in this "Visual Journal".
 I  cleaned off my table to sew. I put everything away in its proper place and completed a garment. Seeming to be the right time to pick it up again, I couldn't find it-- for several days. Every thing seemed to be off kilter, whirling in unstable orbits until I found it. It was exactly where it should have been on the bookshelf. I was really messed up and finding it straightened everything out in an instant.

So I invested a bit of cash in a book that teaches different journal backgrounds and techniques. It is called The Journal Junkies Workshop. After glancing through this book, I created the following pages.
After posting my thoughts about this journaling on Facebook, a couple of encouraging ladies  left comments and they are highlighted by the black box thing. It is the display screen off of a Western Rivers electronic game caller that broke. So I re purposed it! I thought it was the perfect frame.
This set of pages is all about my "little man" who will be earning his Webelos Badge this weekend. We have been tried by fire with him lately and  I needed to be reminded of these blessings that were prayed over him when he was dedicated as an infant. Those eyes say it all, don't they?
Windows to the soul.


Mandi said…
Gorgeous pages! I'm so happy you are going with this to see where it leads. It's easy to sew and add beads to your pages if you want, too ;)

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