Doll Journey: Obedience

Firefly went to the
held by The Worship Studio in Georgia, with many thanks from some
special bead angels,  we were rewarded for our effort.
She was chosen as one of the two

I know we all dread that word "obedience" but really it is not so dreadful. It is not at all an unhappy experience when you get your head in the game and your heart set right and just do what it is that you are being called to. The rewards, the blessings far outweigh any discomfort or inconvenience you may experience in the beginning. Really, it beats the snot out of the consequences too.

I usually begin a doll with a specific motivation to hold me steadfast and to be obedient to the vision. This time the motivation didn't come until it was almost to late to complete the piece for its purpose. With the exception of the Round Robin dolls, I have always completed every stitch by my own hand. This doll was a first, she has bead work completed by others too. This was all part of the obedience... humbling myself, letting go and letting others help. This is not an easy task for a perfectionist, control nut. The organization and planning it took to coordinate it was also something that does not come so easily to the creative mind.

As creative individuals, we are called to create. To ignore this calling would be a terrible waste of giftings and a loss of many rewards. There is a greater blessing in sharing  your gifts, talents, and even your thought processes, one that is far better  than monetary gain.

The creative journey with Firefly has met up with another path.
A new journey is beginning and it is rushing in like a river.
 So if you want to stick around and get your feet wet, there will be future posts about
 "The Flood."

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Whytefeather said…
Looking forward to seeing "Flood". What a tease!

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