Doll Journey: The Flood, the Big Reveal

Along with a new doll, a flood of other things have been flowing on and off my desk. Wow, what a rush!
The list I had has been dwindled down to just a few things undone. I did finish my Gualtier Challenge piece and outfit, the vests, curtains, and even got that RR bird winging its way to completion.


I had planned on designing a new advanced Cog Kit for my Bead Fest students but all I managed to do was get my samples sent to Interweave for a photo shoot. I am delighted that asked to include my samples in their promotional photos.

This morning, a new "Steamin' Inchies" kit and tutorial materialized...I wish it were really that easy but it was easier than some other tutorials I've written.

Now for the
The Big Reveal
Here is the concept drawing coming to form.
The Rushing Waters of The Flood are Coming your way!

The Flood.
The Flood- Backside.


WoW! What a seriously cool doll. This is going to be phenomenal when it's beaded. Your beaded art is such a blessing! You have been gifted by God to create beautiful and sparkly things and to encourage others in their creative journey! xoxo
Vickie said…
She is beautiful and I like Fred too. GOD bless. :)

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