Still Standing

This is such a beautiful place, I love to look for it every time. I think the owner too had treasured it for the memories it shares with all who pass this way. I also look for it to disappear one day when someone decides that the space could be used differently. I just know that it will happen- someday. I am thankful that I remembered to photograph it before they did so the memory will live on a little longer.

There are a lot of memories that  are still standing.

I cannot post photos of it because most are protected by copyright laws, but it brings me back to 9-11. It brings me back to the moment that my mother called me a week later and said, "I am okay." A flood of emotion came over me in that brief moment. I knew my mother often worked across the street from the Pentagon and  stayed in a hotel in Fairfax, but I had NO idea she was there when this occurred. So the remembrance of watching these events unfold at the dealership while my care was getting a tune up flooded back but with the thought that my mother was in the midst of the chaos. Then with a quick "I am okay". That is a whole lotta emotion in one moment!
More than my personal experience, I watched a nation pull together and I watched them remember  their neighbor. With finances  tough for so many, and most of it brought to realization by this event, it is wonderful for me to see how many are STILL remembering their neighbors.


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