New Designs!

A friend of mine, Carol-Anne, designed this bracelet and handed me the beads to bead it. It is called the "Queen's Crown Bracelet".  I imagine the Queen of Hearts would love to get her hands on this jewel.  Carol-Anne  trusted me to test her instructions and I found them to be very well written and illustrated! WAY TO GO, Carol-Anne!  It was such a priviledge to stitch this and of course it always great when you get new beads! It took me several days to finish it but even my son had to try it on. While I was making it I would look over at him,  he was supposed to be doing schoolwork.  Instead,  he would be staring at me, mezmerized by the color and sparkle.
I did add a few bits here and there but the overall design is definitely true to her instructions. Her design lends itself to some great variations.  I have seen a couple from her and her first students that were just stunning.
I used this peyote cirlce  instead of the loop in her instructions, she had one like this for herself (so again it was not completely my idea). I also used a herringbone bar for the toggle instead of the peyote tube in her instructions. Peyote stitch and I don't often meet and when we do-- it is only because there isn't an alternative.

 I also worked up another sample of my new design... I really wanted to use buttons for this but the buttons I had on hand did not work the way I had planned (haha that rhymes) .  I had to find an alternative and this is the result...
Just a LITTLE bling to make your heart flutter! They are only 10mm Swarovski beads....
There will be another sample (with just as much bling) coming very soon. The buttons will be here sometime this week or first thing Monday morning. I know these buttons will work as planned!
The overall design is going to stay BUT I will teach a different variation of this.

I hope these new designs will inspire you!
Bead ON!


both of these are just absolutely gorgeous!!!
NEDbeads said…
SO gorgeous!!! I hope that I will be able to learn this at some point, I would LOVE to make one to wear!! Great post!!

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