Its beginning to look alot like Christmas...

What a wonderful Christmas season I have been experiencing. All around me, people are pouring out their hearts to others in need. I know, many of them do it every year, but this year I am not walking around in a funk missing my mother so much that it blinds me to what is going on around me. THIS year may be the first Christmas since she has passed that I may be able to carry on even half of her Christmas cheer.
I had the privilege of putting my sewing skills to work for the Christmas Play. This is not just any play, this is Starry Night, Noisy Night a  Suessical Musical about the Christmas story told from the perspective of the animals. Our sheep look like Little Bo Peep sheep, and our cows are a smashing hit with hot pink and black costumes. The greatest moment came when I fitted our little "rooster" in his costume. I don't have a picture of him in it but I do have a picture of my son filling in for the alterations.

Even with that great moment, my favorite costume is worn by another. You see one of the little girls, who happens to be kin to me, is the camel's hump. Yeah the hump.  Here is a photo of the costume without her in it and without the hat too, but you get the idea.
I hope you enjoyed the costumes, I hope to post more pictures of them when we have them dressed for rehearsal.
What fun it is has been to have free reign and sew up such creative concepts.


i'm so happy that you are beginning to be able to live in the moment of the christmas season again. what fun costumes! they are all so creative and colorful. i hope you post more of them.

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