Pressing In...

If you are thinking you may find a blog post about beading today- I must say it isn't going to happen. I have been on a journey that has taken me away from my beads for a time. At the end of this journey there will be some magnificent creations in many mediums.

I have a great friend who keeps reminding me to press in. When times are tough and you don't have all the answers, you press in to His presence. You use whatever giftings you have been called to as a way to find Him through the fog.  Dig deep. You may not know what I am babbling about but this is the way I find joy in the morning. When I really need to perservere and put one foot in front of the other. Do you know  what I mean and can you  identify with the fog?  Your circumstances put you in a mess and you just feel like you are in a funk.  But This Fog  is special- "His Glory rested on the land like a dense fog"-- you can't SEE your way through it but faith gets you there. Faith is the eveidence of things not seen. Vision is a very big thing with me. I SEE a lot of things around me that go unnoticed by many. I used to pray that it would go away and then I wouldn't have to be the one to understand it all.  I have come to know that I really prefer to see things clearly and not through a fog. But then I heard a new perspective. One that can see the beginning and the end at the same time, even though I only see the fog.
Here is a video, a power point presentation I put together. This is the first time I have added music to it. I am pretty excited to share it with you. It has been a way for me to press in and cling to what really matters to me- " the Love of God".
This has been a way to make His love visible through art journaling.
His love for me is so amazing. Sometimes he keeps me in a dense fog so that I just trust Him for the next step. The steps that deepen my Faith in a God that is Bigger than my problems. A God that loves me.
Yeah ME. Just as I am, and He still loves me.


aljamie said…
Hi Ralonda...

Your flowers are lovely!! Your ladies did a great job with them. I was hoping you could tell me where you purchased the peacock daggers you used in a couple of them. I've been looking for them for awhile now with no luck. Happy Happy Easter!!

Thanks very much

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