Dallas Bead Society

The ladies at the Dallas Bead Society are awesome people! Everytime I go to a meeting I leave encouraged and refreshed. At the  last meeting,  I taught  a class that was requested by one of the board members. She had come around during a previous meeting and spotted a flower on my mat  made from dagger beads and drops. IExplaining to her that it was inspired by a design I had found online but  it  was at an unobtainable  rate and  I then set out to teach myself another new trick. My flower looked different than the inspiration but it was lovely anyhow. After creating a handout for the ladies, it seemed to be a nice thought to offer a kit for a minimal fee to those who wanted one. Little did I know that so many of these precious ladies would want a kit and more than one! It was scramble but I discovered that I am good at it. I knew I could make kits but organizing who wants which color took a little bit more than just making kits.
It is a blessing to see the excitement stirred by a project that takes very little time (in comparison to other bead designs) to complete. Here is an awesome array of flowers created from the kit and from the personal stash of some very adventurous and talented beaders.

 The last three are kits I had put together. There was a very limited number of the pink but a bunch of the blue and purple. There was a red one too that was not  photographed -- it got away from me. If you love this project, come see us at the Shreveport Bead Retreat  in August, where I will be teaching it. You can find the cost by folowing  the link and the site should be updated with the new August dates soon.

I think Spring has officially SPRUNG at the DBS.

May the work of your hands prosper, Blessings.


that's a beautiful flower design. it may be the same design, but each one with the different colors looks so different and unique from all the others. i'll bet they had fun making them!
Wow!!!!!! beautiful!!!!!!! pretty daggers!!!!!
Illaya said…
I live in Washington state. Would it be possible to purchase just the tutorial. My bead stash has to be moved with it's own uhaul truck. Buying a kit seems redundant when I have all the beads I would need for the instruction. I will not be producing this flower for sale only for personal use. Nor will I sell/share the instructions with anyone else. Please respond to my regular email. illaya@broadstripe.net

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