Not only does my 11 year old think it is cool to say " We have chicks at our house" as if he is this major "chick" magnet. He finds even more humor in telling folks that we have "two black chicks".  Well, we do. Of all the cute little chicks that have hatched two were black (so far). He sure does know how to test his momma's patience with his toot.
Below is "Hawk" and her brood. (she may peck you for looking too closely)

Two of them needed a little rescuing and my hubby and I were all too eager to help( except for the pecking part).  It is wonderful to see new life. It keeps us positive and always looking for the better things life has to offer. It gives us hope.
New chickie, just hatched with a little help.

Birth naturally leads to growth, and maturity. Whether a creature is born or a new piece of beadwork or other form of art, it all helps us grow and mature as artists.
Take time to think of all the new births you have experiences and enjoy the growth.


Stephanie said…
Absolutely adorable.

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