Bead Fest Texas 2011

Bead Fest this year was a benchmark for me. I was privileged to be chosen to teach a class. I posted before the class listing that appeared on the registrations site.  It was my first "national" class.
I did have a familiar face amongst my students, Geri Moya- owner of Bead Heaven in Wautaga, TX but more importantly- my BEAD MOM. The lady at the second table from the front. One of my students even told me that she follows my blog (Thank you and I am sorry for not being consistent.).

All of my students did really well. They were very studious and worked very hard on their bracelets.
After class, Mandi and I almost made a bee-line for Jeanette! What a talented and kind lady (not to mention beautiful- okay I will mention it.) After I finished shopping, I was so tired that I just sat on the floor and talked to her. Mandi had to come and find me after she shopped at Beyond Beadery. 
Bead Fest was great but these two chicks made it fabulous for me.

Sorry my eyes were closed! Thanks Mandi for the photos. You rock!
Blessings everyone!


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