Shoe forms

It was decided that there would be a beaded art doll shoe challenge on BAD.....
Two of us are stitching shoes to offer as forms. I have been playing with some ideas to make shoes like the one I previously posted small enough and completely stuffed. This way, a doll face could be added and it could become a small art doll. There are requirements that must be met on BAD (Beaded Art Doll Yahoo group- for those who may not know) for forms that are to be used in a Round Robin. The most difficult to achieve of these requirements is size. The forms I want to make are difficult to sew and sewing them in miniature is even more difficult. after several attempts I have landed a design that I can both sew easily and reproduce often. The last time I designed a form for one of their Round Robins, I wound up making 33 teapots forms. The demand doesn't seem to be as high this time and there is another lady making forms (phew). Below are the first few, which are far too large for a RR but are okay for a challenge or even just fun. I am not sure I want to reproduce any of these at this point. I would need some serious motivation to make more of them. The last one is the design I have settle on and will work beautifully for production and the Round Robin (that is if it is approved by the group mods).
This one has too much surface area. (Alexander McQueen's Armadillo shoe)

This one would work but is too difficult to reproduce- ruby slipper.

Simplified platform shoe! Love this one.
It will hold a face where the foot would slip in on a regular shoe.
I have also been contemplating opening an Etsy or Artfire store to make forms available all the time, 
what do you think? 
Leave me a comment, thanks!


Cathey said…
I think your idea of an Etsy or ArtFire shop for forms is great. You do fabulous forms, and they're different from anything else out there. Go for it.
Penny said…
Your forms are unique and fun. I would love to buy some from you again. Even more doll forms would be good. I finished my tea pot form just need to get the pix taken and posted. Let us know when you open your shop.
Hi Ralonda,

Oh your shoe forms are great! I think you should GO FOR IT and offer them on Etsy. I would buy one . :)

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