Custom Steampunk cuff

Custom Steampunk cuff with stylized "Compass needle"
Steampunk cuff

Hook Line and Sinker

Hook Line and Sinker, Majic Orchid Colorway

Gothic Swan Cuff- 1st Place Advanced and People's Choice (TBR 2013)

Beaded Bead with the new Twins and Spikes designed with Mandi Ainsworth.
One of the beaded beads in two sizes.

Beaded Beads with Twins and Spikes designed with Mandi Ainsworth.

Baby Spike the dragon.

Beaded Beads, and Baby Spike and Gothic Swan are upcoming Kits/ tutorials and Hook Line and Sinker is already available.



Hi Ralonda,
Your beaded pieces are amazing! Love everything but that beaded Steampunk cuff and the Hook Line and Sinker Fish are great!
I just added some Gypsy Fortune Teller Tags to my blog if you would like to see them and please leave a comment.
I just want to share my thoughts with you. I enjoyed each nd every picture as I continued to scroll downward. Thank you so much for an exhilerating visit!!! I want to stop back for more!
Ralonda said…
Thank you Norma and Erin. The fish have been so popular that I haven't time to do much more than make kits. I did finally get to finish Spike's instructions.

Thank you so much for the comments. It encourages me to try to post more often.

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