Spring is still struggling with winter and will soon be overpowered by summer's heat here in the countryside of Texas. In the wee hours of the morning the temperature managed to drop from a comfortable 70-ish to a chilly 50-ish and now- cold rain. I am thankful for the rain, but I am not a fan of the cold. I tend to get slow, crickety and cranky when the cold comes in and today is no exception.

These wild Blackberries are loving the spring rains.
This is a portion of the same patch of Blackberries after I cleared some of the dead  brush/plants.

BUT, it is a good day to be a beader. The great outdoors is not calling my name today and I can contentedly sit at my desk and create. It could use a good cleaning but I think I need another dose of spring  to jump start that "spring cleaning" mode.

I shall be content to create in my mess of a haven.

"The Hook Line and Sinker" kits have been swimming out of here so fast that  I have been struggling to balance school, the house and "the business" with my sanity, what  little I have.

June's finished "Hook Line and Sinker" kit in the Jade colorway.
Thanks for the collage of your work June!
I think I will start with the the beaded beads that I am collaborating with Mandi to design and market.  There is a lot of work to be done. Colors and instructions need to be decided on and created. Specific stitches and how they are offered are yet to be finalized. The designs themselves are pretty much set and variations are still being toyed with, but giving the project a name has been an issue. While sharing a conversations she commented, "Give it a Whirl". It struck a cord with her so she suggested it as a name and we think it may be perfect.
I like everything it suggests:
Not knowing if you can do something but trying anyway, 
the list goes on...
Neon Variation

Another happy accident playing with the Neon Variation-
a toggle with neon superduos

Mandi  had an exciting podcast with Kate McKinnon, Author of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork.  You can listen to the podcast on Beadcircle.com. I recently received my pre-ordered copy of Volume One and all the swag gifted by Kate. (lovely beads, bead breaker, puzzle eraser, and several beautiful postcards with images of geometric beadwork on them). 
I played with the belly band and started a tri-wing ring....
I started the Tri-Wing Ring but sized it to one of the spikes that keep jumping onto my bead mat. I added 3 more interior wings and beaded another Tri-Wing Ring start and connected it under my original. It will grow some more but my play time is limited...
These spikes from York  keep jumping into my designs.
Beading isn't the only thing that has taken over! I managed to sew a costume for young lady for her UIL One Act Play performance. The last I heard, she received excellent marks for her costuming choice and is headed to State. (All I did was stitch the garment, I didn't choose fabrics or design it-- nor did I perform -- this young lady is stellar on her own, I have seen her perform before!)
I wish I  had a photo of HER in the finished garment.



a2susan said…
Hi, Rolanda. I love your fish! Where and how can I buy a kit? Your work is delightful. Thanks, Susan
Sandy Soucy said…
I'd love a kit or pattern, too! Please let me know how to order from you.
Thank you!

Sandy Soucy

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