Digging in!

The Lord truly works in some wondrous ways. He wants me to create some "prayer" books for the April craft show but every time I start on it I get lost in the word. Not lost as in -once lost but now found- but totally enthralled. Everything I am reading adds to what I have heard on Andrew Womack's audio teachings, and is further expounded upon by both my Pastor and my Teacher for the Gifts of the Spirit class. It is just like God to make things so clear and understandable, not to mention totally applicable. One thing that stuck out to me was the man who said, " I believe, help me overcome my unbelief." I am so there and am praying this prayer as well.

I don't have pictures of crafts for you but I do have something that is near and dear to my heart to show you. I have pictures of my family spending time together and working on our house. The first photo is a picture of the sign the Lord left on the house when the concrete was poured. I have posted it before but I just wanted to remind myself that it is a treasure and it is STILL there. The roof is almost to the halfway point. The boys had to move the rolls of insulation under the roofed end because we are going to get some much needed rain. Thank you God because the fish were dying in the tank.
I am so blessed by these guys, and what a fabulous place we will have when it is all done. Thank you Lord for your supernatural blessings-- great and small!


Veleta said…
I loved reading how God is touching your life and leading you onto a journey... I sitting her feeling sort badd due to just coming home from being in the hospital and your post has reminded me that Our Lord is always close and working in our lives... Bless you for this!

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