Bead Circle

I want to take the time to Thank Mandi from BEAD CIRCLE for posting a podcast conversation between the two of us about 7 Reasons to Enter a Beading Contest.  It is an awesome resource to listen too while you bead. I also have used it to encourage me to push to the finish on a competion piece for the  Fashion Colorworks Contest hosted by My Lovely Beads.  Photos of  my piece will be posted after the finalist are chosen, so stay tuned. Until I can share with you the new design, how about a couple of pictures of last years entry taken by Bradford Bosher? This one did make it to the final 10. I call it Steampunk Style Beaded Cogs.
A tutorial kit of a more basic version can be purchased on my side bar. 

It was also very cool to see an entry for this years contest with similar components. I love the look of thread over metal! It adds a design element you don't ordinarily think of when beading. Always looking to hide the thread would make you miss the opportunity to use it as a feature.

Happy Beading and God Bless You.


i really love your beaded cogs and the many variations you create with them.

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