New Beginnings

Most of my work has been acknowledged for its merit as bead work. I am very thankful for all the opportunities I have been given in the "bead community". I came to beading several years ago as a way to pace how many creations I spill out. You see, I wanted something that took longer to complete. I had developed a speed in sewing that was just ridiculous and I didn't know what to do with the many items that came to occupy the much needed space in my home (errr closet). I also learned that I love to work on small projects adding a lot of detail. I now find myself coming full circle, but with a new beginning. I suppose it just spreads my artistry over many mediums. Choosing just one and sticking to it is a very frightening concept to me, so bear with me when the mood or need strikes to venture through another medium for a while.
This then leads us to  the second achievement stemming from the new beginnings in sewing, the first being the published article in "Altered Couture"  magazine. This is the best experience I have ever had sewing for someone, and by far the most beautiful garment I have ever created. Let me introduce Krista Mendoza from a local Dallas band, Dalom.

A photo of the band.

The man on the left, Johnny Zercher, their bassist,  was introduced to me by Connie Swain,  as it happens the three of us attend the same church. Middle right is the drummer Paul Guerra, and far right is Donald Rozario, lead guitarist. It is a privilege to get to know these guys and it never hurts to get to rawk out with them either!
I would say this is a great new beginning for my sewing endeavors. To sow into a vocalist's ministry is beyond amazing it is a huge blessing to me.


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