Doll Journey: Now for the Trip!

The deadline to submit artwork for the exhibit was the 1st. The announcements were supposed to go out on  the 5th. Due to an unexpected amount of submissions, the announcements were delayed until the 9th.

 That is TODAY-
I have anxiusly awaited this day!

Here is a portion of the email I received....

Thank you for submitting your entry to the 2012 Unlocking the Heart of the

Artist Exhibit. It is our honor to let you know that your work has been

chosen to be a part of the exhibit. The following pieces have been chosen:

Alex VanRossom -IGNDA

Areille Sinnett - Barefoot Lovers

Diane McFerrin - Hopeful Chicken

Gaylen Brainard - Unlocking the Heart of the Artist

Kathy Brusnighan - His Heart in Me

Jan Nosakowski - Joy of His Heart

Julie Deane - With the Spirit-With these Hands

Kelley Miller - The Key is the Cross

Marion Traub - His Heartbeat

Mimi Morris - OpenHeart

PamLacey - The Great Good Bye Usher

Rachael Picone - Key

Rachel Relaford -Position Yourself

Rebecca Drummond - Angels

Rhonda Waters - Surrender

Ralonda Patterson - Firefly

Shawna Diehl - Revival of the Heart

Teressa Sinnett - Back to Basics

Dawn Verhey - HERE

Jay Sandifier - Time Capsule

Lydia Mallison-Jones - The Piece

Jelena Bogdanovic - Dangerous Species

Melissa Alagon - Silence Into Symphony

Linda DeLoach Brooks - Sometimes in the Quiet

Gabrielle Dearman - Happiness in Heart

We did it my friends,
WE did it!

Praise God!

Congratulations to all the other exhibitors,
 I cannot wait to see your art!



Rachel T. said…
Nicely done friend! I'm happy for you!

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