Doll Journey: PPD

After a big project, there is usually a period of not knowing what to do with myself  while I am avoiding the necessary cleanup that awaits me and trying to escape  the inability to have a clever idea inspire me. I call it PPD- instead of Post Partum Depression it is - Post Project Depression.
But not this time!
 I have managed to knock out much of the needed cleanup. There is still a bit of untidy that I just can't seem to tackle. With the spring like weather- who really wants to do spring cleaning, or any kind of cleaning?
Even the clever ideas that inspire  me are  coming  so much faster after this project.
There are so many projects to do that there is no time to have the blues anyway.
I believe in staying busy and my family and friends are happy to help out.

Here is my version of the
"To Do List"
Gualtier Challenge from the DBS
Bird Round Robin
Shreveport Doll Round Robin
Vests for a friend
Alterations for a family member (and her friend)
New Outfit to go with challenge piece
Create an advanced Cog Kit for Bead Fest students
Find supplies for Melanie Potter Class

Here is a picture of my Bird Round Robin form.

He has a face already but I don't have the photo ready to share.

Firefly  has made it to her destinations at the King of Glory Church and will be on display from the 23rd to the 25th at the Riverstone Church in Kennesaw, GA.
(Atlanta Metro area)

Time to go work on some curtains for a special friend- normally I don't do curtains....



Whytefeather said…
Love your bird RR form... I can see all kinds of fun beading on him :) Will be interesting to see what Buttons comes home looking like!

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