New Year, New Life

The new year is bringing me a new life.

A friend of mine has chosen for several years to forgo the tradition of resolutions and instead adopt a tradition of a word that has significance for the year. 
Being reminded of that, I am with her!

My word of the year:

Groan, if you must.
It started stirring up before 2013 ever ended.
 It is so powerful that is just couldn't wait.

Some things revealed to me:

  1. Use a filter when taking in what other say about you- it's not all true- it is merely their perception. You could also set the value of their truth to the value of their relationship to you.
  2.  Revelation leads us to wisdom and making better choices. It sets us on the path of our calling
  3. The best one of all came to me just this morning-I am divinely appointed to make things and to create. Just as Bezalel was called to create with his giftings, so am I. To create with a "heavenly pattern" brings him Glory. 
  4. Find your inspiration, and glue your self to IT. MY inspiration is my faith in God and His son Jesus. Every thing I create comes from being centered in that and surrounded by His love for me.
I have found two books that have been inspiring me, though I am actually studying from four. The first one is Creative Heart by Kerrie Christensen, and the other is Unlocking the Heart of the Artist by Matt Tommey. They are not for everyone but if you find your faith to be your inspiration and desire a greater connection with the Creator of the Universe, then this will set you on fire.
If you have followed my blog for sometime, you may remember "FireFly". She received Honorable Mention in the "Unlocking the Heart of the Artist" show in in 2012. I immediately wanted to become a part of this wonderful movement. In September of 2014, I hope to be going to the "Gathering of Artisans"

Here is to a new year, 2014 will be filled with blessings!


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