I Had to Giggle

You know, being yourself can be hard, but mostly it is a whole lotta fun!
I signed up for a "What the ?" swap where you send beads to your partner, ones that you bought so long ago and never used that you didn't know what you were thinking when you bought them. My partner and I knew immediately what style of bracelet we were going to make with each other's beads, just as soon as we saw them. After sending our finished bracelet back home to the bead owner, we learned that we each used the same pattern for the beads we received. We were both so excited that it was not going to be a burden to figure out a plan to make something nice. It was like magic because sometimes you get something you are not familiar with and then you have NO idea what you are going to do or your inspiration takes a sabatical. I am still giggling at this coincidence, it is just too funny!
Here is the bracelet I made with her beads.
And her is the bracelet she made with my beads.

So sometimes being yourself means that someone else somewhere is a lot like you-- in some way and having a whole lotta fun too.


what a fun coincedence that you both had the same idea! that's really neat. the bracelets great!

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