I showed up to the Dallas Bead Society meeting with these beauties- then I was bombarded to teach them at a  different venue for profit. I knew the day would come when I could teach what I do and make a few dollars while I was at it. I never dreamed the day would come so soon. there are my black and white beaded cogs/ gears. I already posted a pic of the turquoise ones I made and I have had a bee in my bonnet since.

Here is the one I made while I photographed each step for the instructions.
This one was also photographed step by step. These represent the basic cog and the most ellaborate one.
I am going to make several more colorways and offer a kit with instructions. So far I have  black/ silver and white; red and black;  lime, yellow, and fushia- which was inspired by the Ringlet kits Marcia sent us to work up for her. I will keep everyone posted and if you think you may want one just raise your hand- LOL.

Another exciting new addition to the blogging world is my friend Mandi's site- Bead Circle. There are all kinds of inspiration and practical tips to find there so visit often!


congratulations on your teaching gig! your cogs look really neat!
Gypsy said…
So awesome!! it is wonderful to be paid to teach what you love..
Anonymous said…
I'd like the pattern for the cogs, especially the more advanced one. alinejohnson @ att.net

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