Warning to all- this post may be offensive to some and hazardous to the safety of others. I am not resposible for either if you continue to read this post. Many of you know me as a little quirky and most reverent and possibly even innocent. This post may shatter your total image of who you think I am, but rest assured it is really me.

I began my usual journey of making a specific object to bless someone. In this case, I set out to make a bunny for my Fairy Bead Sister for Easter. However I didn't quite find a bunny I wanted to make, and it all seemed so commercially wierd. But I discovered a duck pattern that struck me as fun and cute. Locally ducks and chicks are bought by farmers for their kids for Easter and they become the farm animal that produces eggs later on- Dual duty and something familiar to this area that I love. I recreated this pattern in miniature and set off to bead.
It was a silly little face, that made me giggle. With her head tilting to the side, as if looking quizically at me.

Then it struck me why I was so fond of this duck, I could recall my Mom telling me about the ducks on her little lake in her posh retirement community's subdivision. I could see the glint in her eye and that bright smile on her face as she told me the story of  "Those Fucking Ducks" that would swim in her pool or would mate in her yard. Now every time I thing of "Effy" all I can hear is my Mom saying "Fucking Ducks", like a little kid with a new word to try out on every ear that has never heard it before. I really intended to give this duck to my fairy bead sister but how could I tell her that here is a "Fucking Duck" without her getting offended? After all, could you really call her anything else.

I  shared this story with my husband He agreed and could see my Mom talking about the ducks. All he  wanted to know  was, "Does it have a little quacker?" No! Of course not! She wouldn't dare after being such a duck, now would she?

I warned you that this post might offend you but I must say, I hope you cherish those around you even if they are loaded with the "F" bomb- as my Mom was prone.  To quote the love of my life "It is funny, I don't care who you are."
For those of you who may have had to pick yourself up off the floor- I hope you are okay...


Deanna F. said…
You made my day! Thank you! I'm still laughing so hard I've got tears rolling down my cheeks but I have to say I love Effy! Now I'm thinking about making a little Effy with a quacker...roflmao - sorry, just couldn't resist. I've been crocheting all kinds of little animals lately instead of beading. Most of them I'm using for cat toys for not only my kitties but also for shelter kitties - and now you KNOW I have to crochet an Effy for them...

Thanks again for the laughs, it's been one of those days and I definitely needed the laugh.

Many hugs to you,
Deanna in Oklahoma
Gale said…
Thanks for sharing this story, what a hoot! :)
thank you for this post. i am feeling a little stressed tonight and you gave me a true out loud laugh on this one, so now I feel a little better.
Anonymous said…
I loved your story! So true that we need to cherish those around us with their imperfections - after all they love us with all of ours ;->

Liz, aka KipperCat

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