There are so many contests out there to wet your appetite or stir your spirit. Mandi at Bead-circle has been posting some really good ones. One is creating a peice inspired by Haute Couture. This was a visual feast for me, I want to make the garments forget the contest! The inspirations are amazing. My favorite is one that looks like brickstitch around a druk.
Holy cow! I can do this with beads on a small scale- now I want to do it with fabric on a larger scale!
Then there is the beaded bead contest. Not something I want to do (the contest I mean) but I do have to make a beaded bead for a lady in the near future. If she sees Janice wear her necklace one more time without having her very own,bad things may happen. I simply cannot be responsible for any coveting or envy in our church body. Not really, but she  liked what she saw and requested that I make one for her.
I have been working on a different variation of my cogs to enter in the "1000 Steampunk Inspirations".
This one is made from a recyled yogurt cup (the outer ring) and some longer bugles. I wanted to do something softer, less industrial but still steampunk. After pulling some nice colors I realized I had seen them before. Yes, again it was from Mandi's post about another contest. With the exception of the aurora/ yellow beads I pulled all the colors that were in the last color triad. In this contest you choose one of the predetermined triads with  colors that were grouped from the 2010 Fashion Color Report ( a pdf that is amazing!)
Here is the color pallet in beads:
Dried Herb- far right, Eucalyptus- left and bottom, Aurora- top
Here is what I have been toying with:
It is a bit large, measuring at 3 inches in diameter. The center  ring is a glass ring by Bead Treasures' Color Gallery- which happens to be on sale (50% off) at Hobby Lobby! I just bought them on Tuesday, so you may be able to find them on sale where you are too.
Back to the beads!
 I want to finish this today and get going on a prom dress I have to make for a young ladies junior prom!
Thanks for stopping by!


Bellesanbeaus said…
I love your cogs!!!! They are tooo cool!!! Good luck with your entry...but if I were a judge they would be a sure hit! Beth
Oh! I see that you AND Lynn were both inspired by the same dress! Bravo!

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