Can't slow down...

 I am trying to finish a Megaman costume for my son for the Fall Festival- he really wants to win the costume contest. Here is a photo I am using as a guide.
So far I have the basic suit with the arm bands- no gloves (you can't unwrap candy with gloves on!)
and I made a pair of spats for the boots, but I need to sew in the fasteners to keep them on. I taped a plastic bag on my son's head to make a form for the helmet but no fabric mock up yet. There are the ear "muffs" to make, the helmet, epaulets and a few other little details- like painting the white zipper navy.
I have also decided that is will be a long cold winter and I am shoveling out the contents of my house so that there is lots of room for me to climb the walls. It is always sad to see the warmth of summer disappear. I even cleaned a window in the kitchen today and I just wanted to stand at the sink and look out that shiny clear glass it was a bit cool to really want to go out. My next goal is to get the rest of the house  as clean too. I may be spinning my wheels but at least I am going to give it a go! Oh well, it is back to those boots- I have to figure out how sew this Velcro on with all that padding at the top! 
  Help Keep the Kiddos safe this Halloween.


please post a pic or two of him in his megaman costume! my younger son decided he doesn't want to go out this halloween, so now we're just down to sara. costumes are so much fun! if you get bored, you can come here to sunny arizona and work off some of that energy in my house...i've been overrun by dust bunnies. lol

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