Neck Corset

Never heard of such a thing? Be careful googling it... I got an eyeful myself.
 I guess that is what happens when you like odd things.
This one is very tame and I think I have hit upon a design I want to revisit- I am talking of this one not the eyeful. I started on this the Sunday before Bead Fest Texas. If you really know then you would  know I  just had to have something uniquely me to wear. As the commercial says, "Nailed it."  It took 6 days to  bead those little cogs and  to create some larger ones with an interesting shape (just to see if I could do it).  To make the corset, I used the same geometry application to draft a pattern for a neck corset as you would for an underbust. It worked and it gave me an exquisite foundation to sew all the cogs.

There are a total of 33 cogs! A few of them are stacked on top of one another for dimension.
There is a necklace design  like this only without the neck corset  brewing, I can feel it.
 I love the neck corsets and I want to make more of them- This one is VERY comfortable and keeps a body warm.  Having a critical eye, has shown me that there are  some issues with the alignment of some of the cogs- but that is what you get when  you hurry through something. They are definitely not noticeable when worn  (at least not as much as I flutter about :) and I am not about to take it apart to fix it either.  It is something to improve upon in future projects.

After a beading marathon like this one- I have to rest my  beady eyes, which is good.
There are a lot of other things around here that need my attention.
But I dare not let any of those words cross my lips.


Beautiful!!!!!!! I love it!!!
how interesting. i have never heard of a neck corset before, and after your warning i'm not sure i want to google it. :) i just love your beaded cogs. you should post a pic of what it looks like while being worn. very pretty and unique!

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