Doll Journey: Just part of it...

I had wanted to keep all of the Doll Journey post totally drama free. Unfortunately, that's just part of it- the part of the journey that eventually defines what you do.

You see, as we create our art, our  points of reference, which includes our skills, culture, experiences and beliefs, influence our decisions.

THAT being said, I have begun another doll one that closely resembles a form I sold to a very dear friend. I had every intention of beading that form myself if no one purchased it at the retreat last August. The difference of the two are the gesture the arms are making. The second one suits me better, so that is a good thing.However,  I make mention of all this for two reasons-1) I must post each week and this week there is NO progress, but this realization- 2) this IS JUST PART OF IT!

I am being brutally honest about the progress of this doll. I received terrible news concerning a  friend and mentor's health, though not totally unexpected, when it comes it is never what you want to hear. And if I may be completely selfish and brutally honest, the fact that I have begun another doll and this news to come at THIS time  is not lost on me due to  the past experiences that kept me from beading one for so long. I feel it keenly and will be thankful that I have it to keep me focused.  I continually believe and pray for her comfort and a MIRACLE, as do many of those who love her so dearly.

I will continue to bead this doll, as I did the rest, though I can foresee a bumpy ride and a whole lotta propping me up (and my friends) on my (our) leaning side(s) as we all try to help our friend thru this health crisis. I hope you will continue to follow this Doll Journey, even though there may be some times that are, at the very least, less than ideal.

 Blessings to you all, and spend a little extra time with those who are dear to you.
You will never regret it.


creativedawn said…
Prayers for that miracle for you dear friend and for all of you keeping vigil at this very difficult time.
Your work is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S ! ! !

again prayers fly heavenward

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