Doll Journey: Tools of the Trade

We all would like to have the best tools we could possibly afford. Sometimes what you can afford is far from the best. In all artistic endeavors, there are tools that a must and then there are some that would be terrific to have but you can live without. What I am going to reveal is a tool that is easily affordable and you don't want to bead without!
In a previous post I mentioned how it  makes things harder  to bead when we  add bits in certain places, this tool makes the difficult possible. In the past I have worked the arms and legs before they were attached to the torso and I recommend it if you can. It is far easier to bead, then attach the limbs. Sometime you must attach the limbs before you can bead because of the structure of the piece- like the doll below.
One thing that makes beading easier, the difficult possible AND is a must have tool is

It is small enough to go thru the beads (those with good holes anyhow.)
I will admit, it takes a lot of getting used to. You will fling beads in your face and across the room, you may even snap a few before you learn how to wield this squirrely thing.
If you want to give it a go (and I highly suggest you give it the Old College Try), you can purchase them at Kandra's Beads. (no, she is not paying me to advertise, she is just the only source I know.)

You simply cannot get far very fast without it. This one little tool was completely responsible for the progress I was able to make. I am so happy with how much I have been able to do since last week!

Hope you found this both helpful and inspiring.


Mandi said…
She is looking AMAZING! The beading is not just beading like I see so much of in our world. The beading makes her who she is. Thank you for sharing her with us :)
Ralonda said…
Thanks Mandi, you know how I like different. I hope she encourages you to work on your doll soon and share your progress with all of us that follow you on

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