Creative Funk?!

Sometimes we all find ourselves in a creative funk. My funk began before I taught my class at Bead Fest. I had a difficult time getting it together to be productive. My preparations ahead of time really saved my keester. My class was successful, I had a lot of fun too.
There was a lot of love in that room!

But, it vanished almost as soon as I got into the car to go home.
We all deal with this problem in different ways. When I am in a mild funk, I like to look at magazines, books or blogs for inspiration. I love to look at Etsy too. This funk was different, it couldn't be shaken so easily. I made myself create something- anything. I started with quick projects like ATCs. I have over a dozen new ones now. Then I fell back on the fun project and made a fish with some new beads I bought at Bead Fest. I even sewed  two new jackets, a skirt and a vest that is still half done....
 The funk was still there.
I knew it was something deep seated...  I needed to get to the bottom of this, this thing.
I had a dream, not the sort you care to ever repeat in detail,  it woke me up.
Not just from a sound sleep but it WOKE me up.
I began getting to the bottom of this funk! I created several journal pages that are just a bunch of quotes that impacted me. One of which is, "Your words are containers, what do your words carry?" I added, " Do they carry doubt and unbelief?"
I had allowed myself to get discouraged. I had allowed the fear of failure to get in the way. I had allowed doubt to creep in and unbelief to take over.
The worst of it was I had lost my vision.
After telling a lady who ordered a custom doll form that my larger dolls had to start with a vision, I realized I had a vision and lost sight of it. I am going to spend the next bit sharing with you this vision.
A journey to creating a doll, a healing, it could even be considered a revelation of the spirit.
I hope you will follow, as I blog the journey of one the dolls I create. I promise it will shock us all.


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