Doll Journey: Beady Beginnings

Students and onlookers usually have two questions. The first one is, " How long did it take you to make that?" I am hoping you will have the diligence (or endurance) to follow these weekly posts to see just how long it really takes to make this particular doll.
Second question is, "Where do you start?" This question always comes up in classes. The answer is still not an easy one becauset here is no wrong answer. Folks often let their dolls tell them where to begin and it can be a way for many to just jump in. I tend to be very stategic and analytical about where I start beading, sometimes to a fault.  Every thing I do must adhere to the visioin, either it must support it or make it better.
 In this case, a focal bead gave us our beady beginnings.
In my last post, I shared with you what turned out to be the  foundational focals for this doll. I even shared the strategy of using them to correct a short coming in the dollform. This doll had sloping shoulders until I added what my son humorously called "shoulder pads".

I was limited in the beads I had to use for the bezels and was not completely satisfied with the choice I had to make. I did it anyway. As it turns out, it was better than I thought and it has become a jumping off point- the foundation from which I can build.
The first two led to two more on the back.
I did begin to use the mixes but I pulled out what I added at first. I will share that with you next week.


Melissa said…
WOW! That's quite a process! You have to have a lot of patience.....and good eyes! LOL!

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