Doll Journey: Nesting

Whenever a momma of any kind births, she begins to nest. She gathers things needed for a  time when little else gets done besides the nurturing of a new creature.
Whenever we craft or create we do the same thing. We gather things close to us that we feel are necessary for some serious time spent on our project. On a grander scale, some may refer to it as "hoarding" but I prefer to call it nesting. It allows us to focus on the task at hand without interruption or distraction.
It makes sense, doesn't it?
My collecting usually starts with seed beads. I hunt down every possible color that I may want to include. For this doll I have put together 3 different mixes of flesh tones in different intensities.If you know me, you would think I am really crazy because I do NOT like my beads mixed. However, the idea is to see the glow of a flame reflecting off of a natural skin tone.  "Flesh to flames".
When I gather my materials, I leave no bin untouched. I search every drawer and every bag for some tidbits to go into my project. My choices are based upon my vision, this makes me focus on color, theme, and even proportion. There are times when I pull things that are proportionally out of focus but lend a great color story to the mix. They just might come in handy, even if all they do is make me say, "ohh pretty."

Sometimes I run across something that was collected and was immediately set back for something great. Often I find myself passing over this item and not using it for whatever reason. Usually, it is too unique or not available in the quantity I would need.
This time was different.
 I had to ask myself- "What are you saving it for?"
Answer "Something special."
 Question, "Isn't this special?"
Answer,"Well, yes, yes it is!"
As it turns out these are the foundation pieces for this doll. They were the perfect "shape correctors" for the shoulders. They have also led me to apply bits to a doll in ways I hadn't used yet. The knowledge was there just never applied until  now.


I really enjoyed reading your post and following along with you as you gather your materials! Love the cabs you used for her shoulders. The face is extremely interesting!!!!! I'm so excited to watch her develop.
flyingbeader said…
HELLO...stranger...haven't seen you around forever! what a big project you are working on. I see like me you love to surround yourself with enough stuff to totally cover that doll body. I'll be following you to see how she takes shape.
Ralonda said…
Thanks Debi, I must admit- the face is not growing on me but I am helpless to do anything about it. The time will come to decide if it stays, or gets replaced.
Ralonda said…
HI DOT!!!! I have missed you so much that I spent over an hour reading back posts on your blog just yesterday! Thanks for following along too.
great job...kind of what I do when I go to start a new project...right now almost finished with this year's Christmas ornaments for the grandbabies (who aren't babies anymore)...great nieces and nephews...and other loved ones...just finished my 3"x3"x3" piece for the swap...gotta get it mailed soon...thanks for sharing...and I am not so sure about that face either...need a better a closeup?
Ralonda said…
Jena, the close-up might scare you...
So glad to hear you are beading away, that means you must be feeling better.

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