Doll Journey: Focus

 After trying to work on the arms a few times, I did not like what I saw. It was not the right texture and  I realized that the mixes needed to be refined a little. I can do that, and I can find the right texture too.

But  I decided that I just need to focus on what is really driving this doll, the flames.
The idea is to stitch the shaped memory wire onto the fabric, bead it then cut around the edges. After all of that is done I may decide to paint the backside instead of beading it. Then I will attach it to the doll--and shoot myself in the foot for adding another element that will make beading the rest of the doll a nightmare.
Maybe not...I don't have a really good track record for taking the easy way maybe.
Here is a small mock up that set me to stitching.
I learned how to do this (only she does it much better!) from  Susan Elliot. I am not even going to pretend that I know exactly how she did it, but I am making my attempt at doing it my own way and I am sure it will serve its purpose well.


flyingbeader said…
LOL! I know what you mean bout not doing things the easy way, but you have to think about how beautiful it will be when you are all done.
Anonymous said…
ohhh.....the flame idea is intriguing.

Candys in Oklahoma
Whytefeather said…
I went back to see the journey with this doll and read the posts. Love the form you made for her and oh what an intriguing vision you are creating! I can't wait to see how your version of the flames turn out, Susan is such an inspiration!
Will be following your journey with this doll and the beading with much interest!
Oh Ralonda, I can hardly wait to see how she turns out! Such a labor of love! Glad you joined F.A.T. and can hardly wait to drool on everything you
Ralonda said…
you KNOW how it is Dot!
Candys- those flames are HOT! cant wait for you to see them ON the doll.
Thanks for following along Whytefeather- Susan is a hero!(heroin)
Thanks for checking my blog- Needlewings- I love your work too!
Anonymous said…
Susan is an illegal drug?!?!?

Candys in Oklahoma

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