Doll Journey: Faithfulness

The  biggest challenge I face when I create a large project (of any kind) is faithfulness. I allow myself to toy with different ideas within the project but I am a stickler for being faithful to the vision. If it doesn't fit- it gets tossed to the side. This process is actually the part that I love. I think you might  call it problem solving but I like to refer to it as creative engineering.
 When I began this doll,  I felt like I was working with a foreign medium, one never explored before. It sounds strange even to me, especially as I had my previous pieces right under my nose to contradict that feeling of inadequacy. I haven't made a doll in quite some time. I was completely disinterested with anything that had to do with bead embroidery. The last doll I completed took such a chunk of my soul to complete, I am still struggling getting over it and the events of my life that occured while creating her.
So, I started to embroider on the arms of this doll and I thought,
(yeah, I know- "Yuck!")
 Instead of continuing to struggle with something I am unclear on, I switched gears. The vision of the flame on the heart and the pose was all I had to go on. I had strayed....being unfaithful to what I knew.
(flames stitched then stitching colored over with an orange sharpie)

As I began to focus on the flame- I began to meditate and really connect with The Creator inside me.I feel more at peace when I have this time to renew my mind and refresh my spirit. From that meditation, the vision began to expand. A new excitement has begun to stir up the vision for the rest of the doll.
(a little closer now)
 Not only is the view of the vision expanding, the problem solving is getting much easier and the problems are more evident. - I call them problems, but they are really decisions about what is right for this piece.
The flames on the bottom were not exactly what I wanted. I wasn't sure why until I painted the backs and realized my selection of bead colors were off  compared to the paint  I used on the backs.
I even stopped to ask myself,
" Do you want to paint the flames instead of bead them?"

I am so glad I said "NO".
These beauties were worth the work.
I love these, both the color and dimension. My vision is finally taking shape in the natural. And even better, I have a better view to share with you soon.


Anonymous said…
Watching this creative process is sooo interesting and enlightning.

The flames ROCK!

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