Doll Journey: Not just Beads

The week has slipped by without any beading being done but the inspiration is still swirling inside. Taking a passive role by just looking at magazines and books instead of creating, keeps me going.
 I may still get to bead today  but I will save the progress photos to share next week.
 While looking through magazines and previous journal entries, I discovered  that this has been brewing for a lot longer than I thought. I came across a journal entry created several months ago during a worship service.
 It is an awesome experience!
You look at the photo...seem like a coincidence to you?
I used water soluble oil pastes and pen to create this journal page.

I love how you can work in one medium and it inspires your direction in another. If you work with multi-media, be sure to play with them all as your inspiration allows. You will find that it fuels a much bigger fire than you had dreamed. Uhh, no pun intended ( I think).
I wonder what they were saying to each other?


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