Doll Journey:Sweet Spot

After focusing on the flames, more inspiration has welled up in my spirit. This is what so many artist search for before they create. For me, it comes as I get quiet, busy my hands and meditate on what is in front of me as well as what is pouring out of me. The inspiration isn't just for what I am working on at the time, it overflows into everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I begin to create in the still moments before I sleep, in my dreams I am fulfilling the  promises of future appointments.
 It is:
The place where you know that you are doing exactly what you are called to do.
Where you are fulfilling your greatest desires and drawing on wisdom that rests within.
When you are led by the creative spirit instead of a  thwarted body and confused mind.
Your eyes are on the prize and you can feel the hope it carries into your life.

There is nothing else like it-
To be exactly where you are supposed to be-
No Questions asked-

No Doubts remain.


Oh Ralonda! This is indescribable. My heart sings when I look at this. You know, when I started my first blog I named it HeartWideOpen. That's also my personal email... and when I saw this I thought, yes, heart wide open and God's cleansing fire flooding in and then flooding outward to love others with His love. What a blessing to see this today! Thank you, and I believe this doll is going to be a huge blessing for you as you create.
Ralonda said…
Debi, I am so glad you found this to be a blessing to you. I always grow and learn as I create, that is why I am sharing these posts. I hope that more people will learn to draw on what is unique to them and create their on their own.
Blessings, Ralonda

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