Doll Journey: A Gentle Push

I received an email that gave me more than just a gentle push to finish.
It gave me a jump through my butt to get it done kind of motivation.
A call for entries...from
 "Unlocking the Heart of the Artist"

Could it possibly be a better fit for my doll?
Uhh, NO.

I think I am going to need a little (a lot) of help. Remember those feather pieces??? You do?!


 Well I am going to need help making those.... a lot of them. The due date, get this, is MARCH 1st!!!
 I may have just lost my mind to even try to have this done by then.

"I can do all things!"
It's blurry, but this is the progress since last week.
I know it doesn't look like much but you should see the SBR  RR doll I had put a lot of my time into instead. I would show you but  Oceana's (the whale doll's) mommy doesn't want to peek at her yet.

I got to get to work and finish the other RR doll on my table so I can get busy on this "flaming" doll.



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